Why not the 'proposed' southern route?

The impact of this route crossing the Blackwater Valley on wildlife and wild plants would be devastating.
A key to this road scheme is the A12 and its overdue upgrade. Plans for a new A120 should be coordinated with the long-term need to upgrade the A12.
Freedom of choice. Residents living between Coggeshall and the A12 chose to live in the peace and quiet of the beautiful Essex countryside, rather than a trunk road.

Why should we re-direct?
a) create even bigger local traffic problems - as there would be no junction with the new A120 for Coggeshall, Earls Colne and Bradwell Traffic.
b) make the traffic situation in Kelvedon and Feering even worse by increasing local traffic and still not giving direct access to the A12 for Tiptree traffic.
There is no guarantee that the new A120 crossing a flood plain would not increase the flood risk.
Running a major road through three historic parishes would be very destructive and would alter the communities.

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