Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP.
Transport Minister.
Secretary of State for Transport.
House of Commons, London, SW1 0AA

Procedure: A letter sent to the Transport Minister will be routed to the Highways Agency's project team, who will then answer accordingly. Once written a copy is stored in the HA Correspondence Unit's records, which is then considered a 'Treat Officially', this means that the Ministers do not see them.

Mr Brooks Newmark MP.
House of Commons, London. SW1 0AA.

Procedure: A letter sent to an MP requesting an issue to be discussed with a Minister, will have their letter and the constituents letter sent to the project team. The project team will write a draft in response and then forward it for others up the chain to review. Once agreed, it will then be sent out from the Ministry.

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Who do we lobby?

Lady Patricia Newton
(BDC: Coggeshall and North Feering.)
Braintree District Council, Causeway house, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9HB. cllr.ladynewton@braintree.gov.uk

Mr T J W Foster
(BDC: Kelvedon.)
Braintree District Council, Causeway house, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9HB.

Parish Council Office.
Stoneham Street,Coggeshall,
Essex, CO6 1UH.


Clerk Mrs J I Hinds,
Virginia House, 193 High Street, Kelvedon, CO55 9JD

Feering Community Centre.
Coggeshall Road, Colchester,
Essex. CO5 9QB.

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