After numerous approaches to the Highways Agency, Alan Hurst our local MP and others it is astonishing that these new A120 proposals make no provision whatever for the 'Tiptree traffic' to gain direct access to the A12 (and now the A120). In fact these proposals, if adopted would make the traffic flow in Feering and Kelvedon even worse.

The Highways Agency's reply at the 'Road show' was that is is an Essex County Council problem. So much for joined up government!

A further issue is that the proposed Southern Route does not make provision for the Coggeshall/Earls Colne traffic to gain access to the new road. It will have to migrate down through Coggeshall into Feering to gain access. The proposed Southern Route in its present form will be an environmental disaster for villagers in Feering and Kelvedon.

We must all lobby our local councilors, our MP (there's an election soon) and the Highways Agency.


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