Bradwell Meeting

The Bradwell meeting where Mr Shuker was due to attend appears to have been altered slightly by the press. I was present during the Public Meeting which was attended by Hyder Consultants and the impression put forward in the press and what I remember appear to contradict slightly.

To my knowledge there was approximately 70 people present, half concern neighbouring villagers and half Bradwell residents. The meeting ran on way beyond its time tabled slot and covered some very interesting points including the level of traffic that Bradwell suffers on a daily basis and indeed will continue to suffer if the proposed southern route continues. There was a great deal of compassion shown by the residents but also an element of hostility. But I would argue that there was not a unanimous support for the proposed route which was implied by the press, but a concerned rumble hyped up by louder individuals.

Putting the press aside I would like to say that the meeting was extremely well chaired and covered very important issues.